Sphinx Inline Tabs#

Add inline tabbed content to your Sphinx documentation.


This project is available on PyPI, and can be installed using pip:

pip install sphinx-inline-tabs

You’ll also want to add the extension to extensions in conf.py:

extensions = [


  • Elegant design: Small footprint in the markup and generated website, while looking good.

  • Configurable: All the colors can be configured using CSS variables.

  • Synchronisation: Tabs with the same label all switch with a single click.

  • Works without JavaScript: JavaScript is not required for the basics, only for synchronisation.


One is an interesting number.

Two is the even prime.

Three is an odd prime.

Four is not a perfect number.

This is text after the tabs, which seems to flow right through, which avoids breaking the flow of the document. And, if JavaScript is enabled, the next set of tabs will be synchronised.


To know more, take a look at the Usage documentation of this project.